What is the Traffic Value to your Website?

If  you own a website with good quality Content, then you need to think on SEO, which include many methods and this should drive traffic to your website. What kind of traffic you require for you site to make good money?

Website with good TrafficTraffic Value - Website Value

If the site is not getting any Traffic then  the site is not visible to Search engines. you have to think how
does the site can be discovered by Search engine or how do you bring your site to Search engine ?

To start once the site design and content posting done.

Site need to add to search engine webmaster tools.

  • For Google :  www.google.com/webmasters/tools
  • Bing :  www.bing.com/toolbox/webmaster/
  • Yahoo = siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com

Submit the sites manually and then you can view the reports, like keyword that bring visitor,
Number of visits and any spider related problems in  indexing your site.

Next level is getting backlinks for the site :

  •  You need to get backlinks from the site which are in same related category like you have site on Fashion , then you get backlinks from the site  which are wedding site, makeup site, Designer clothes .. The relevance from this site will always drive good traffic to your site.
  •  The blog posts on blogspot, weebly, hubage and squido are very easy way to get backlinks by comment on there post.   Google indexes these sites much faster then any other blogs sites.
  •  Place the links on  high authority sites which get indexed by search engine immediatly
  • Interlink between your posts which are searched by specific keywords.
  •  Backlinks from different IP’s will boost your traffic.  Chinese, vietnams, German, uk sites are good for backlinks
  •  Social Book Marking to all the social sites. you can try this site http://socialposter.com, Easy tool to submit links to all your social sites


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