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We have Seen in past SEO Expertise saying to bloggers about Indexing sites with only Google.Now Google has thrashed all blogs/sites which are having non-relevant content,spin content, keyword stuffed and spammy back link sites. Due to these factors many good blogs have been out of Google eyes and struggling hard to recover from Google penalty. Google has released number of animals and has fine tune there search index.Past decade Google was the only search engine that all webmaster were trying to submit sites and were tricking to get on number one site on searches. Now Rules have changed and quite difficult to rank high with Google search.

If Google does not look at your site, is that mean lt’s”End of your site”?

Let’s raise question within us,

  • How about other Search Engines like Bing, yandex, Baidu, yahoo, Naver?
  • Are these search engines not good enough to drive traffic to your blog or sites?
  • Are these search just been there without any potential?
  • Are these region specific search engines can deliver your content to those regions and be informative?
  • Does your blog content will provide value to visitors or not?

If you think that you need visitors from every part of the world .If you really feel that your site content is valuable, problem solver, informative to every visitor or reader from any part of the world. Then i recommend that your site or blog should be submitted to these search engines and get indexed.

How to submit your sites to these  Top 3 Search Engines?

Bing :

  • Sign up an account with bing at
  • Login to the account and submit your site.
  • Bing gives options to various verification Method.

Submitting site to Bing_Search


  • It is the largest Russian search engine with 75% of internet user search for the Information.
  •  Sign up with an account at this url 
  •  Submit your site and upload the verification file to your site.
  •   Then submit your Sitemap.xml file.
  •    Robots start indexing your site

Submitting site to Yandex search

Baidu :

  • Chinese 80% search engine market  acquired by Baidu. China is highlest populated country and 80% of internet users use Baidu for there daily searches.
  • Submit the url to baidu webmaster tool : .
  • You can easily submit links by  reading these steps :

Recomend to try these search engines and then share you’re results.if you  have any addon to these search engines, please leave a comment below.

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