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If you want your WordPress site to rank higher in search engines, in addition to tweaking your WordPress category pages, you need to link your new articles to your older, relevant articles.

If you would like your WordPress site to rank higher in search engines, you’ll want to link your new content articles for your older, relevant articles.
then how should you link them? What posts should you link? What anchor text should you use?
first, you can link your posts utilizing anchor text that you like rank.

Nonetheless, that won’t propel you to leading rankings by itself, and that’s exactly where this lighting idea will come into perform.
Rather of focusing on what you want to rank for, examine what you are currently position for.

Go to your Google Analytics account and look for which keyword the articles are ranked in search engine.
If you’re not ranking #1 for any with the keywords and phrases that send out you traffic, make certain you link people posts out of your new stuff.

If you’re not ranking position #1 for any of the keywords that send you traffic, make sure you link those articles from your new blog post. It is less difficult to enhance your current rankings, than it really is to rank for one thing totally new.

It’s easier to improve your existing rankings, than it is to rank for something completely new.

Important SEO secrets which you should know remember :

1.    Links higher in the HTML pass more search juice
When you link articles higher in the HTML-towards the beginning of your content-it passes more juice.
If a link is above-the-fold, it’s probably more important than a link buried in the footer.

2    Search engines like google only follow, and use the very first instance of the link
Should you hyperlink the same older, pertinent post from inside the same new submit, search engines supposedly only use the initial instance of a link in       their algorithm.

Why would search engines like google give preferential remedy to an individual who typically links only one article, with various anchor text?

Sure, you’ll be able to do that when it is coming from different new posts, but from inside the same publish?

It sounds awfully like spamming, and it’s no wonder it does not work.

Note you can escape from google Panda update, only if you have internal link between  posts.




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