Important Pages that blog should have for Good SEO

If you look at your newly build website, it has good template,content and WordPress Plugins. One of the Most important part that is missing in your site is the pages that describes about you and your site into.
Though you  write your content on  post section, this will get published and shown on your site. your blog site will have one home page section and the categories sections. where your post are  segregate  into categories.

Now i would like to introduce your blogs to importance of pages that will give a good seo standards. yes from seo point of view you should have pages on your blog. Now the question what would you like to write onthe pages. if you look at  any famous blog websites, it has these sections, Home, About us, Disclaimer, contact us, FAQ , Advertise, press,Archive and many more depending on the blog content.
The Most important page that blog should have is home, About us , contact us, Disclaimer.
To explain why these are important,

About us page, give a introduction about the blog writer. In About page introduce yourself, what your are, why you are writing this blogs, How does this helpful  and experience.
This will give a postive look on your site that a person who is writing this blog is vey expertise in this area and must have interesting posts.
Moreover the SEO point of view this will uplift the blog search.

Contact us page helps the blog reader, advertisers or any guest blog writer to reach you easily.

Disclaimer page this helps in doing  a declaration that the blog contain  what does the blog do for , earning money from blogging, not recording any personal information, affiliate marketing.

Ther are other pages which can be included as your site grows bigger, Archive, FAQ, Advertise sections.

The Above section has made my  site  with  good index from google, yahoo, bing and other search engines.

Hope this blog post should help .

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