How to bulk remove Follower and following from Twitter Account?

If you have Twitter account with many unnecessary follower and following and you think How to bulk remove Follower and following from Twitter Account?

Searching on internet you will find many software that helps to remove but all are paid tools or software’s.

bulk remove Follower and following from Twitter Account


A Simple Method that can remove follower and following from your chrome or firefox browser.

  1. Login into your Twitter account from a browser chrome or Firefox
  2. Click on following, now you will find a list of  followers that you have been following.
  3. In firefox  Right click on the blank section, where you will see Inspect Element(Q)
  4. Click on the console section
  5. Now you need  type “allow pasting”  A security measure to control the copy /paste
  6. Now paste this script code any one below

  setInterval(function(){t=$(“.following”).find (“.follow-button”);if(!t[0]){window.scrollTo(0, $(document).height());}else{ console.log(t.attr (“class”)); t.trigger(“click”);}},100)


setInterval(function(){t=$(“.Grid .Grid–withGutter”).find(“.user-actions-follow-button”);for(i=0;true;i++){if(i>=t.length){window.scrollTo(0,$(document).height());return}$(t[i]).trigger(“click”).remove()}},100)

Now you will see  unfollowing of users will start and your following count will keep decreasing.

Above code will unfollow 100 users, you can change the number as you want.If you are using Chrome Browser, then step mention above is same, Only in Step number 3, you need to  enter  “CLTR + SHIFT +J”  to open the console window.


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