Google slaps WordPress themes with encrypted codes

WordPress Blogs are facing a  Security threat by hackers who are easily breaking  admin  password, this is happening with the recent updates of word press update version. A Blog with  good number of traffic are driven away to different sites by placing a encrypt code in  theme header page or main template page or footer page.

Recently Our sites were hacked and totally changed with different Theme and redirected to a different homepage. It was the most difficult situation, to clean up the code and rebuilding the site again. Though the site was recovered and able to bring back to normal state, there were malicious codes kept in the original theme which were encrypted in the header page of the Theme. Due to this reason  Google slaps  site and dropped  page rank and also traffic to  site  went down to all most 50% percent.


On checking up the code on the site, were able to figure this problem, you can find the encrypted codes  like this

Google slaps internal links

Best Ways to get rid of encrypted codes in themes :

  • Delete the Themes and upload a fresh copy of the Themes
  • Check you Database and clean up unnecessary codes
  • Check your header, index and footer files by using editor in word press
  • Any Guest blogging post with unrelated links  linked.
  • Use WP-optimize plugin  to clean up and remove any unused posts, comments and spam.
  • Change your Admin password with variation of lower, upper case letter, numerical and alpha numeric.
  • Change your login name from Admin to something else.
  • Secure your WP-config.php file with setting file permission to 755 or Put code at the very TOP of the .htaccess file.
                              order allow,deny
                              deny from all

If you are not a technical person, find difficult in resolving the issues, Hire a  WordPress designer.

If you have any questions or comments please share it below .

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