Bad Backlinks-How to avoid them ?

(i) Links Exchange Page:
Few years ago link exchange was a very good practice to get good rankings fast. Everyone was happy to put other people’s links on their website for mutual benefit. Nowadays things changed and normal link exchanges do not help very much; In fact may be considered by Google as a way to manipulate search engine rankings if you are sending hundreds and hundreds of link exchange requests and annoyed webmasters report you.

Some webmasters engage in link exchange schemes and build partner pages exclusively for the sake of cross-linking, disregarding the quality of the links, the sources, and the long-term impact it will have on their sites. My view is that it takes just as long to form a reciprocal link and a link on a page full of other 50-100 links will not pass much link juice to your website. The only exception to this is if the reciprocal link is on a page that can send you significant traffic, or is a powerful page in its own right.

(ii) Site Wide Links:
These are usually links within the “blogroll” or links section of a blog. What this means is that your link appears on every single page generated by the site. This is not an issue for a small blog, but if your same anchor text link is appearing on hundreds and hundreds of pages of a single blog, how do you think Google will see it? I also do not really recommend bothering with reciprocal (two-way) links as generally these are less valuable links. This includes things like using trackbacks on blogs.

(iii) Low quality directory submission:
Back in 2005 submitting your website to as many directories that time would allow would more often that not result in great rankings for your website. Directories with higher page rank would begin to charge fees for your link to be included and eventually “Bidding directories” (an odd hybrid of a regular directory and an auction) appeared.

The value of the majority of these directories (ones that offer little to no editorial value and are made specifically for SEO purposes) is long gone, however many people are still promoting their perceived value of submitting the website to these directories.

I am amazed to see the offers of self claimed “SEO EXPERTS” to send your website to thousands of directories. Is pointless because
1) most of the directories are dead and no one approve new submissions
2) requires a link bank from you
3) search engines don’t put too much value on this directories after have been heavily spammed in the past

The only directories that I suggest you to submit your site are : , Yahoo Directory and any particular directory that gets decent amount of traffic and is RELATED to your niche.

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